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How It All Started

The police have always worked under the most difficult of circumstances. As fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters they are first to answer the call during the most dangerous situations. Too often they are seen through a hostile lens, and too often we forget that they go home to their families at the end of a day’s work.

In 2017 Sgt. Dan Hils began exploring options to improve the safety of our officers and our citizens. He found that our law enforcement officers lacked the funding and resources for training and continuous professional development. He also found a void in coordinated community and police interaction, particularly among at risk youth. He reached out to various agencies across the country to better understand how they are confronting similar challenges. It became apparent that we as a community could do more.

The solution was a foundation, supported by the community and police, to provide the resources, funding, and organization that Cincinnati needs to ensure a united city committed to safety and prosperity.


Create a space that provides the resources and training to improve the effectiveness of our police and strengthen the bond with the community through education and collaborative youth programs.


Provide the necessary resources for our law enforcement officers to ensure Cincinnati is a safe place to live, work, and visit.


2018 Cincinnati Blue Line Foundation

We officially became registered as a 501c3 with a mission to make Cincinnati a safer place to live, work, and visit.

2019 Capital Campaign

Worked to achieve our goal of raising $7.5 million to make our vision a reality.

2020 Break Ground

Begin construction of our 7 acre campus located on Radcliff Drive.

2021 Grand Opening

We open our doors to improve the quality of our law enforcement officers, and strengthen relationships with local youth.


The Cincinnati Blue Line Foundation has purchased seven acres of land located just outside downtown Cincinnati. The property overlooking the city will feature event space, training rooms, fitness facilities, youth athletic programs, FOP headquarters, and much more. The space will improve collaboration among neighboring law enforcement agencies and engage local youth in a commitment to keeping our city safe.